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Annapurna Circuit Trekking

15 Days
  • Throung-La Pass

    Throung-La Pass

  • Muktinath Village

    Muktinath Village

  • On The Way to Manang

    On The Way to Manang

  • View From Annapurna Circuit Trekking

    View From Annapurna Circuit Trekking

  • Along the way to Around Annapurna Trekking

    Along the way to Around Annapurna Trekking

Annapurna Circuit Trekking highlight for 2021 and 2022

  • Highest pass of the world.
  • Ethnic culture
  • Historical culture of locals
  • Amazing Annapurna Himalayan range.
  • Highest Lake of Nepal.
  • One of the lowest gorgage of the world.
  • Adventure trip in the Himalayan.

15 days Annapurna Circuit Trekking Overview

Annapurna Circuit Trekking is a classic trekking trail at around Annapurna Region, covering all the mountain peaks and ranges of northern-central Nepal, the trekking is life-changing experience giving the magnificent view of Mt. Annapurna range. Basically, the total distance covered is between 160-230 km, i.e. (100 to 145 miles) depending on the routes and vehicles we used where our main destination ended. However, the massif beauty of Annapurna, the trekking stretches across two different Rivers mainly Trishuli and Marshyangadi on the way. The highest point of the Annapurna circuit is Through-La Pass which is in altitude of 5416m/17769ft) from sea level. From here, we can explore many peaks like Mt.Manaslu, Mt. Tilicho, Mt. Annapurna, Climbings peaks and Mt.Dhaulagiri. Additionally, the Annapurna circuit is renowned for the best long-distance trek in the Annapurna area. where we get more divine views, The Annapurna circuit is the off-beaten trek as well regarded as less traversed around the Annapurna region. Usually, innumerable peaks of mountains above 6000m to 8000m rise from the range of Annapurna can be seen from the trekking trails. Everyone can easily contact us for cost, Itinerary, budget and permits for 2021 and 2022.

 We can get the best experience during the month of March to May and September to end of November. During the month of March to May, the weather is perfect as we can get the enjoyment of the contrary in the month of September to November; we get a chance to see the greenery of landscape, less crowded way and clear skies above you. Also, if the weather is good, we can extend our trip march to the end of June as well September to December. Keeping your Health safety on the mind, having the taste of locally available food like boiled rice, barley, Roti's and many kinds of other local dishes we will explore the scenic beauty of Annapurna locally available foods are the best to uplift your immunity power. Also, for your convenience, there is also the availability of various foods like Continental, American, and Chinese. All the items are nutritious and fresh which gives you the real taste of Nepalese dishes on your taste buds. For the accommodation, different Simple lodes are available, as well as camping in the lap of Himalayas is also good to get real sunrise and sunset view In front of the eyes.

Basically, the trekking beings on the wills of trekking groups or individual, It gives you more pleasure and moreover by Boundless Adventure suggests to travel on vehicles for certain hours and have a walk to explore the hidden beauty behind Annapurna ranges. Moreover, the trekking is of 15 days depending on the groups’ curiosity and desire to explore. The trekking permit to the Annapurna circuit is taken through the Annapurna Conservation Area, and then we start our adventurous journey, via drive up to Besisahahar depending on the size of groups. As the road is blacktopped it takes just 4 to 5 hours west drive from Kathmandu city to Besisahahar. On the way, greenery of forests, waterfalls, giant ridge and the farmer's carps terraces, and various people along with their lifestyles increase your inner curiosity towards the trip as it makes the journey more exciting and enticing as well. After the Through-La pass, you will descent to Muktinath; it is located at 3800 meters from the sea level. We are suggested to travel miracle Muktinath temple, because, there are two different histories. One of them is Buddhist and Hindus temples are together, the other one is naturally burning flame on the stream. After exploring the Temple continue trek to Naturally, Hot spring at the Tatiana. (There are two different pool of hot spring) one is 32 degrees Celsius and the second one is 50 degrees Celsius, everyone takes a warm bath on the pools. However, enjoy the Hot spring pool and continue trek to the famous area of Poon Hill and continue towards to Nay pool. After reaching to Nay pool you will drive to Pokhara city by car. Similarly, to make them more precise about Annapurna circuit trekking seasons as well as Food and Accommodation is provided below:

Best Trekking Season 

Annapurna Circuit trekking starts from two different seasons every year

1) Beginning of March to End of May.

2) Beginning of September to End of November, in fact, you can extend even though monsoon season at (June)


The best season for trekking is mainly from September to the end of May as we can see the clear views of skies, clouds floating on the sky. The greenery of the landscape, local cultures, the community of ethnic group and white snow peaks will give you remarkable memories during your trekking in the Annapurna circuit.

Food and Accommodation

Foods always define how healthy a person is. Our trekking is in a mild area where there is no high range facility to cure. Unless prevention is always better than cure. Considering the health of every people locally available vegetarian foods made by local Sherpa’s and ethnics are recommended. Besides locals, American, Chinese, continental and Italian foods are in our bucket list too.

A night of proper sound sleep is needed before starting any adventures in life. For your accommodation highly maintenance guesthouse, lodges and tea house will be booked, regarding your preferences on the Annapurna Circuit Trekking.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Pick up at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) (1345meters).drop at Hotel
  • Day 02: Drive to  Dharapani (1970m).Overnight at Guesthouse
  • Day 03: Dharapani to Chame (2720m).Overnight at guesthouse
  • Day 04: Chame to Pisang (3200m).Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 05: Pisang to Manang (3400m).Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 06: Rest in Manang for acclimatization and explore Manang village.Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 07: Manang to Yak Kharka (4000m).Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 08: Yak Kharka to Thorung Phedi (4450m).Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 09: Thorung Phedi to Muktinath (3800m) via Thorang La pass (5416m).Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 10: Explore at the Muktinath Temple, Have breakfast and catch a bus to Tatopani, overnight.
  • Day 11: Tatopani to Ghorepani (2850m).Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 12: Ghorepani to Tikhedhunga (1365m).Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 13: Tikhedhunga to Nayapul and Drive back to Pokhara.Overnight at hotel
  • Day 14: Tourist Bus drive to Kathmandu.Overnight at hotel
  • Day 15: Transfer to Airport for your sweet home.

Annapurna Circuit Trekking 

Day 01: Pick up at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) (1345meters).
Welcome to Nepal, the airport representative of our company receives you at the international airport and transfers you to the hotel by privet vehicle. You will be given a short briefing about the programs on the following days. Overnight at the hotel. 
Day 02: Drive to Dharapani (1970m).Overnight at Guesthouse
You will drive to Beshishahar at 7:00 AM, have lunch at the Beshishahar and catch a Jeep to Dharapani on the gravel road. Overnight at the Dharapani
Day 03: Dharapani to Chame (2720m).Overnight at guesthouse
Your trek start from here, Have breakfast at the Hotel and start the trek through the green valley, landscape, small forest but the walking trails are following through the gravel road without vehicles. Have lunch at the upper part of Timing, you can see Annapurna and Lamjunghimal very closely while you are having lunch. It takes 3 hours slowly to the lunch place and another 1.5 hours to get into Chame. Overnight at the Chame.

Day 04: Chame to Pisang (3200m).Overnight at Guesthouse.
Have warm breakfast at the Chame, and continue trek to Pisang, it will take 5 hours including short break and lunch along the way. The trekking trail is through the pine forest and Apple garden. The first part is hiking through a small hamlet and barley fields but the last part is hiking through animal greasing ground, you can have lunch at the Dhukur Pokhara and continue towards Pisang village. It is a small village with hotels. Overnights at the Hotel.

Day 05: Pisang to Manang (3400m).Overnight at Guest house.
Have breakfast at the Hotel in Pisang and continue towards to Manang via Hungdey airport, It is a beautiful village, from where you can see Annapurna Himalayan range, and the trekking trail is also almost flat, There is the seasonable airport, doesn’t go plane every day, especially for charter flight only yet. You can see the allot mani walls, beautiful monastery and Annapurna Himalayan along the trails often. It takes about 4 to 5 hours from Pisang to Manang. You can have lunch at the Manang as well. Overnight at the Manang.

Day 06: Rest in Manang for acclimatization and explore Manang village. Overnight at Guest house.
Yes, Manang village is already 3400 Meters from Sea level, but still, you need to hike more than 2000 meters soon, it is necessary to have acclimatization at Manang because of the altitude. Just have breakfast at the Hotel and hike up to 500 Meters higher than Manang after the breakfast and back to Hotel for lunch, you will have two different benefits, one, best for altitude and other one is best views of  Mt.Annapurna II, III, Lamjung Himal, Mt.Gangapurna, glaciers and Lake. You will have a free day and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 07: Manang to Yak Kharka (4000m).Overnight at Guest house.
Have Breakfast at the Hotel in Manang, and start to trek the Yakharka, the trail is not bad, it is in moderate. But lunch and camp will be the same place. You are walking through, small bushes, some tea shops and crossing simple suspension bridges along the way. But you will have the chance to see wild animals as well. Have Lunch at the yak Kharka, free day after lunch, overnight at the Guest house.  

Day 08: Yak Kharka to Thorung Phedi (4450m).Overnight at Guest house.
Have Breakfast at the Guest House and continue trek to Throng Phedi, It will take 3 hours, the trail is easy going between Yak Kharka to Throng Phedi. Cross the bridge right after the yak Kharka and continue to walk to Phedi through the small trail, you should watch up while you are walking there are animals or not because the rocks can be dropping down over your head. Have lunch at the Phedi, free day and Overnight at the Guest house.
Note: If you are feeling well, you may continue the hike to hike camp after lunch, you can consult with your guide according to your situation.

Day 09: Thorung Phedi to Muktinath (3800m) via Thorang La pass (5416m).Overnight at Guest house.
Yes, it is a big day today; you need to climb more than 1600 meters and decent another 1600 Meters. You should have a penalty of drinking water, some power bar, some cashew nut, walnut and some other nuts.
It takes, around 3 to 4 hours to get on the top of the Trekking ( Through-La) It is 5416 meters. Have a cup of tea on the top and decent to Muktinath. You can have lunch on the other side of the Throung-La and continue trek to Muktinath. You can have the chance to explore at Muktinath temple at the same time. There are miracle burning lamps on the water. Overnight at the Ranipauwa Muktinath.

Day 10: Explore at the Muktinath Temple, Have breakfast and catch a bus to Tatopani, overnight.
Have breakfast at the Hotel and get the bus driver to Tatopani. Check in to the hotel and have lunch. You can have a bath at natural hot spring, there are two different natural hot spring pools both of them are 52 degrees hot. People mixed clean cold water into the pool through the plastic pipe, enjoy on hot spring full day and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 11: Tatopani to Ghorepani (2850m).Overnight at Guest house.
Yes, climb up again but it is much easier than the last couple of days. Have a warm breakfast at the Hotel and trek to Ghorepani. You will have Lunch at the Shikha. It is a nice village with farmer’s traces and carps. The first part is crossing the River and climb up about 1 hour and walking through the village, but the last part is walking through the rhododendron forest. You will get into the hotel, overnight at the Guest house.

Day 12: Ghorepani to Tikhedhunga (1365m).Overnight at Guest house.
Yes, another viewpoint and sunrise over the Mt.Dhaulagiri and Mt.Annapurna Himalayas range from Poon Hill,   ( 3200m)  Weak up before the sunrise and hike to Poon Hill with Headlamp. It is 45 minutes' walk up and 20 minutes back to the Hotel in the end. After explore at the Poon Hill with sunrise over the Himalayan back to Hotel. Have a warm breakfast and continue towards gradually trek down through the Oak forest. Have lunch at Ulleri and 1 trek to Tikhedhunga.

Day 13: Tikhedhunga to Nayapool and Drive back to Pokhara.Overnight at hotel
Have a warm breakfast at the Hotel and hiking to Birethanti via the landscape and rice field. It will take the last three hours and catch a car Pokhara. It is 46 KM driving to Pokhara, Have lunch at the Pokhara and explore at the Phewa Lake. You will be free; Dinner on your own, Trekking crew will stay at Pokhara.

Day 14: Tourist Bus drive to Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel
Today breakfast and lunch will be on the way to Kathmandu, We leave from Hotel at 6:15 AM to the tourist bus station. Bus leaves at 7:00 AM from Tourist Bus Park to Kathmandu. It takes 5/6 hours including a break for breakfast and Lunch. Overnight in Kathmandu Hotel.
Note: If you would like to go to Kathmandu by Plane, it is also available from Pokhara, it is just 20 minutes to get into Kathmandu by plane. If you would like to please let us know in advance, others wish hard to get the tickets.

Day 15: Transfer to Airport for your sweet home.
Have breakfast at the Hotel and transfer to the international airport by car, If you are leaving in the evening from Nepal, The Hotel checks out time will be 12:00 Noon.

Thank you for choosing your trip with us. Regarding the booking your trip, you should click the number of pax first (how many people with you?) And you can continue to click on Book now bottom to booking process for availability.

Start date End date Availability No of pax Total price

Cost Includes

  • Airport picks up and drops by private car /van/bus.
  • Full board package trip with three times meal a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and Accommodations during the trekking.
  • Standard twin sharing accommodation in Pokhara with breakfast. (2 nights)
  • Government licensed, experienced English speaking Guide. One porter for two peoples.
  • Food, accommodation, salary, insurance and equipment for all staff.
  • Annapurna conservation Park permits and TIMS
  • Surface transfer from and to Kathmandu.
  • All government taxes.
  • Per person, one trekking map.
  • Per/person hiking pools.

Cost Excludes

  • Hot and soft drinks.
  • Temple and monastery entrance fee and donation.
  • Rest of the expenses which are not mentioned on Price Includes.

Tailor-Made Trip and Departure

Annapurna Circuit Trekking is a moderate trip that begins with a west drive from Kathmandu. We have fixed departures for such trekking are according to the best trekking seasons. Despite that, we also organize the trekking on your suitable date. When you inform about the customize date and itinerary, we organize the best tailor-made trip for you. Accommodations

When you are in Kathmandu, You can get standard to five-star hotel/accommodations but during the trek to Annapurna Circuit Trekking, clean with basic accommodation lodges is available, which is also known as the tea house. We arrange the lodge with basic facilities along the trekking area. We are unable to provide luxury accommodations at a higher altitude, but our team will organize you the best among of them.


Breakfast will be included in your hotel in Kathmandu and all meals are included in the trekking. Although you will be on the mountain, you can have varieties of meals that can be selected from the menu. From Dal Bhat (typical Nepali meal) to the Indian and continental items are available in the tea houses or restaurants during the trek to Annapurna Circuit. 


Drinking-Water normally you will get mineral water and boiled water in every tea house. Also drinking water supply stations along the way. Another alternative is, filling from the stream or from hilly sources. you should drink plenty of drinking water every day. You should use purifying tablets or liquid to make it worth to drink. You need to have a water bottle with you.

Physical Condition & Experience Requirements

Being a moderate trek, 5/6 walking hours during the trek is sufficient. You do need a previous trekking experience. Having a moderate physical fitness is suitable for the trek. But, your medical conditions and health consultants' advice should be followed by you. The Throung- La pass is one of the highest passes of the Annapurna circuit, It is 5416 Meters from sea level.

Best Time to Trekking

The best time to trek Annapurna Circuit is Spring (March to Jun) and Autumn (September to December). The temperature is moderate in these seasons and guarantees amazing views through the trip. Although this trekking can be undertaken during the winter, the cold temperature might not be suitable for everyone.

Trip Important

We, the team of Boundless Adventure will organize the Annapurna Circuit Trekking with the best arrangements. However, there can be some issues that are beyond our control. Heavy rainfall and landslides can extend the trip, but it is very less probability. 

Additional Information

Boundless Adventure is ready to assist you with trip service and providing authentic information at the time you need. We suggest you hike up slowly and hike down as well. If you need further information, please, do not hesitate to email us or call us on Mobile and WhatsApp +977 9851033819

TIMS and Permit

TIMS (Trekkers' Information Management System) and Permit are necessary for the legal trekking in Annapurna Circuit. It can be obtained once you provide a passport's copy and photo for the trek.


We have just returned from 17 days of the trip from the Annapurna Circuit Trek. It was an amazing trip worth remembering for me and my friends. At first, we didn't have any plans and arrangement and we contacted the boundless adventure Company. They were pretty expert in his field and arranged everything for us from accommodation to transportation and other essentials. It was a fantastic trip with great scenery of Mt. Annapurna, Local villages, Manang and Pisang village and Gangapurna Lake.

 We had the opportunity to see the majestic peaks of the Annapurna Himalayas from top of Through -La, the natural surroundings, and to visit old Buddhist monasteries and Stupas at Brabal and Manang. Our trip became much more fun and exciting and perfectly arranged with the help of our guide. The potters were pretty humble and strong too. They entertained us with their folk songs all the time in our journey. 

It was a trip of lifetime and perfect arrangement of accommodations done by the Boundless Adventure. Anyone visit Nepal sooner or later I would recommend Boundless Adventure to make your travel fun and easy with their crew.


Lotte and Thomas


We came to know Dambar through a friend of ours who used him as a guide on a hike in the Annapurna Circuit about five years ago. Our friend had nothing but good things to say about Dambar's experience, professionalism and friendly personality. As it was our first time hiking in Nepal, we were happy to receive the recommendation. Prior to our travel to Nepal, we exchanged numerous emails with Dambar, making plans for our hike. Dambar provided excellent advice and answered all of our questions in a thorough and timely manner. When we had to change our hiking route due to time constraints just a month before our arrival, Dambar was very flexible and quickly made new plans to accommodate our new schedule. Upon our arrival in Nepal, Dambar warmly greeted us at the airport (even though we were more than two hours delayed) with flower garlands. Over the course of two days, before we departed for our hike in Langtang, Dambar met with us numerous times to make final preparations – discussing the route, purchasing & renting last minute items, etc. During the hike, Dambar was an excellent guide. He was attentive to our needs and ensured that we were doing well the whole time. As we went from village to village along the trail, it was nice to know that Dambar was there to organize everything for us – we did not have to worry about anything! Upon our return to Kathmandu where we stayed for a few weeks, we continued to be in contact with Dambar. We enjoyed a few days trips around Kathmandu, which Dambar also organized for us. All of our experiences with Dambar were wonderful ones. His level of experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm are the best. We would highly recommend him to any of our family or friends that are planning to visit Nepal.''


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