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Treks to Everest Himalayas

Treks to Everest Himalayas

Boundless Adventure, the pioneer name in the field of trekking and being situated in the Treks to Everest Himalayan country of Nepal, offers several different options for the trekkers around the Everest region. Among the 14 tallest mountains in the world, we can have a mesmerizing view of 4 tallest mountains from the Everest region including the highest peak Mt. Everest. It is called Sagarmatha in the Nepali language is also recognized as Chomolungma in Tibetan name. Measuring a height of 8,848 meters above from sea level, it is best for everyone to hike around the Khumbu region in the search of peace spiritually and emotionally as well. Both the natural aspect and traditional aspect of the region is rich by itself because the traditional ethnic Sherpa community revives you about the evolution of mankind around the high-altitude settlements. Boundless Adventures, provide an essential needed thing for the treks around Everest, starting and ending at Lukla (one of the airports situated at utmost altitude on earth). We ensure that such adventure lies on the Mount Everest Himalayas planet and enhances by double with the assistance provided by Nepal Boundless Adventures, you can Whatsapp us at any time, +9779851033819 now

Namche Bazaar Village.

 The Treks to Everest Himalayan range is full of the high standing mountain and many of them lie in the Khumbu region on the Lap of Mighty Everest. According to the past records, it has been known that all of mankind who dream about the Everest Summit can’t reach up to the peak so many of us have to settle around the trails around Everest. So, we – Boundless Adventures also provide many of the trek options to enjoy the Everest fullest from the closest. It is interpreted by our slogan also, “Why not trekking around Mount Everest Base Camp even though you are lack of time”. Moreover, boundless adventure offers you, trekking around several different trekking areas including famous ice climbing peaks such as Lobuche Peak Climbing, Island Peak, Tabuche Peak and Mera Peak and similarly, Cho La Pass Trek, Gokyo Lake trekking, Everest Three High Pass Trekking, Renjola Pass, Everest View trekking and Everest family trekking. Boundless Adventures has more options for the trekkers and climbers who want to feel for adventure for the Everest from the heart.

The treks to Everest has options are available around the Khumbu region that reaches up to an utmost altitude of 5545m at Kalapatthar. Cho La (5420m), Lobuche (69119m), Namche (3440m), Gokyo (4750m) is other exciting offers available for the expeditions. Himalayan tradition and the beauty of unrealistic Kharkas all over the trail enriches every moment of you ascend to the world’s one of the highest valleys. From the Natural aspect, entering Sagarmatha National Park and Makalu Barun National Park gives you the rare opportunity to be face to face with various endangered species around the way of Everest Trekking Trail.

Everest Trekking trail

Whether traveling solo or groups, Boundless Adventure will provide everything to make your travel memorable for the whole lifetime. The cost and duration of the treks are determined by your trekking trail you choose and how long you are heading on each and every trek. Additionally, you are free to choose about which trek would rather like to do and also have to consider the Everest Base Camp is not a single trek, it consists of several trekking routes to choose such as:

Famous Climbing peaks.

Similarly, while choosing any trek you have to be pre-determined about the budget and time you have while exploring the Everest region. The cost and detail itinerary about every trek you may choose and let us know.

Heli tour to Everest

It is already mentioned above that trek starts and ends at Lukla but somehow, also informed about the options available for reaching up to Lukla. Normally flight up to Tenzing Hillary Airport, Lukla is preferred by most of the tourists are going towards the Everest region but we are providing helicopter service also for a four-hour tour and 9 days trekking and fly back to Kathmandu from Gorakshep. In addition, road transportation is either Salleri or Jiri also available. Hiking up to Lukla is another option but from Jiri and Salleri, with less crowded, these are preferred by very few numbers of trekkers every day.


When do you go for Treks to Everest Himalayas? 

We have four different main seasons which are autumn, spring, winter and summer. Nowadays the climate has been changed due to global warming. Every people can trek and climb in autumn, Winter, and Summer. The weather will be colder in winter but sunny and the best view every day.

What about safety?

 Nepal is regarded as one of the safest countries to visit even though you are visiting a country individually and it is also safe from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, no worries about the security factor should be taken. Feel free to choose any of the treks around the reason with ease.

What are the Costs and facilities?

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world; of course, the cost and the price also bit expansive compare to Mount Annapurna and the Mt. Manaslu trekking area of Nepal. Accommodation can have not fancy but enough for a night. Regarding the types of foods that are American, Italian, continental, Chinese and Thai Foods are available in every lodge according to the Menu. Similarly, almost every Hotel has warm dining and electricity in all rooms.

What do we suggest for altitude?

 We suggested you, it is necessary to drink at least four liters of clean drinking water a day. We will provide you Chlorine to clean normal water. Our guide will provide you normal water from Hotel every day and you can put some drops of Chlorine into the bottle and after 30 minutes it will be drinkable; of course, you can get Mineral water to drink from every lodge / Tea house. People can take some medicine of altitude Tab of DIAMOX , If you have any symptoms of altitude please do not try to climb up. you need to descend immediately, wherever you are and rest. If you feel better the next day, you can climb but feel not better then you may continue back to Lukla, Also if the situation is getting worse then, try to go to nearest hospital as soon as possible and consult with Doctor. Probably He will suggest you get down by helicopter as soon as possible.

MOunt Everest Base Camp

The starting point of the trekking is Domestic airport of Lukla which is 2800 meters from sea level of Solukhumbu district, here is morning flight only. We are always trying to arrange the first flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Because the rest of the flight will be more chances due to the strong wind at the inn route and weather of Lukla. But, no need to worry about it because airplane authorities have been developing modern technologies on experienced pilots who have been landing on Mountains often.

Another best thing for treks to the Everest region is a diverse culture. Ethnic Sherpa peoples are habitats of the Khumbu region who are known as brave ones all over the world. Sherpa people's tradition matches the Tibetan type culture but their language is distinct from all. Traditional clothes and ornaments can be seen as the costumes of Sherpa people with somehow Mongolian red cheek while talking about the facial structure. These trips generally follow the Buddhist religion and offer their prayers at various Monasteries, stupas, Mani walls and gompas are all over the trail with the presence of sacred monks on them. Swaying Buddhist flag on every place around and feeling of crossing suspension bridges on the cold breeze of air, gives a different experience at all, From high flowing Dudh Koshi River to humongous Khumbu glacier, then from several kharkas to rhododendron forest, everything on the Great Everest trekking Trails gives a new height to the expedition. Rare Yaks to all the species residing at mountains can be seen in this trek as you start ascending on your journey. Above all the prospects, the hospitality of the ethnic Sherpa community is memorable for everyone and it is guaranteed no one would feel homesick while passing through the trek.

As the trail around Everest has been in function from a long time back, you don’t have to worry about the proper facilities, accessories and equipment needed for the trek. Proper guidance is provided by Boundless Adventure keeping in view of all the requirements of the guests.

Sunrise on Mount Everest

 Here are some of the necessary list of trek provided at Boundless Adventure.

  • Geographical Maps of trekking route - detail about elevation and the overall places around the trail
  • Itinerary – with duration and everyday detailed list of activities and places
  • Information about the places and things - both cultural and traditional aspects
  • All arrangements of required permits – government permits and entrance proceedings
  • Accommodation arrangements and foods – according to the requirement of altitude and preference of the person himself/ herself
  • Flight and other travel arrangements – domestic flight tickets
  • Necessary equipment and trekking gears – Sleeping bag and Down Jackets on request only.
  • Professional guides – experienced and origin-based guides with proper knowledge of the trail
  • Porters – Healthy ones, who help to carry everything for long treks (Options)
  • Breathable T-Shirts and dresses – comfortable and weather friendly clothes.

Island peak climbing

Since the trail passes through such a high elevation all along every trail of Everest, the chance of High altitude sickness is very high chances. If Altitude sickness gets on your body it would be very hard for a person to complete the rest of the trek, you need to decent 500 Meters below then where ever you are and try to climb up following day according to the condition of your body. So you have to be prepared for it before you start your trek as it is said prevention is better than cure. But it is also essential to know how to determine whether it is high altitude sickness or not.

 Here are some symptoms:

  • Fatigue – severe tiredness which causes no energy on walking
  • Dizziness – hard to stand
  • Headache – feeling the heartbeat on the head
  • Unable to sleep – losing the calmness of mind
  • Nausea and vomiting – sometimes vomit including blood particles also
  • Rapid pulse – pulse more than standard plus a rate per minute
  • Shortness of breath – constant feeling of the necessity of oxygen cylinders
  • Loss of appetite – losing the hunger and digestive strength of the body also
  • When the High-altitude sickness gets severe acute a person feels other symptoms also such as:
  • Coughing up blood
  • Losing consciousness – unable to recognize surroundings and peoples
  • Congestion or tightness on chest – acute suffocation of breath
  • Blue color to the skin – skin turning into the purplish-blue color variant
  • Can’t stand – Unable to walk or stand at all
  • Gray or pale complexion

We should have well informed about the prevention measures to control the effect of the high altitude on your body. Some of the best prevention techniques of high-altitude sickness are given below:

  • Gradual ascent is important, so climb the mountain gradually
  • If it is possible to sleep at a lower altitude at night
  • Prevent camp stay and accommodate yourself on the indoor environment if possible
  • Learn about the symptoms of high-altitude sickness
  • Carry sufficient oxygen cylinder and medicines
  • Don’t forget those medicines which you are having for a long time
  • Stop frequently and keep acclimatization or rest day on your scheduled plan
  • Don’t go for high altitude trek if you have anemia or low red blood cell, count
  • Drink sufficient water and necessary fluids

If after using these all prevention measures also you get high altitude sickness problem do this bellow stated things as soon as possible:

  • The main treatment to high altitude sickness is descending down to lower elevation with your guide.
  • Use of oxygen cylinders.
  • Getting worse and worse of your body then needs to go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.
  • Using blood pressure increasing medicines (high blood pressure medicine)
  • Using breathing machines also if needed
  • Trying to locate the nearest hospital or paramedics for further treatment

But be sure that not all of us get altitude sickness and you can have great fun while trekking at various routes around Everest by planning your trip from the best. As you opt forward to trek around the majestic Everest, it is assumed that you would connect the core spirituality of life. Whether you are the adventure lover or nature lover, whether you are a peace seeker or in search of the purpose of life, this trip will definitely give another height to your meaning of life. The care, the love and hospitality with such a thrilling adventure can’t be achieved on such an inexpensive rate with ease, so wiser decision would be packing your luggage and flying to Nepal for such great Himalayan adventure as soon as possible. We as a reputed name in assisting the tourists at Nepal would be eager to welcome you from our company Boundless Adventure's side. It is for sure that the service you get from Boundless Adventure and the vibe you get from the Everest expedition would certainly worth spending both money and time. Whether you come alone or you come with family and friends we will be right there to plan and process your trek. For further details information, you can e-mail us or contact us at the Whatsapp +9779851033819 now.

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